10 Oldest Sport Games In The World

10 Oldest Sport Games In The World


Wrestling is a combat sport which involve different techniques like clinch fighting , joint locks , pins , throws & takedowns and other grappling holds. It can either be competitive or theatrical. A wrestling is an physical competition between two or more competitors who fight to maintain their superior position. It is an oldest sport in the world.

Wrestling can be categorized into three different types such as “Belt & Jacket Styles” in which the clothing (belt, jacket or trouser) of the wrestler used for the grip , “Catch-Hold Styles” in which the wrestlers required to grip each other throughout the contest , “Loose Styles” in which the wrestler can take any grip apart from cloths.

10 Oldest Sport Games In The World

Wrestling can be categorized on the five basic criteria for a win such as ‘Toppling’ (forcing an opponent to touch the ground with a body part  apart from the feet) , ‘Break-Stance’ (forcing an opponent to relinquish a position) , ‘Pin-Fall’ (holding an opponent in a specified position for a certain time period) , ‘Touch-Fall’ (forcing an opponent into a supine position for certain period of time) , ‘Submission’ (Forcing an opponent to admit defeat). It is not to mention that how much wrestling gets popular in the modern world.


Running is both competitive and a type of training in sports. It is one of an oldest sport in the world and one of the popular game also. Running started to be competitive in the Ancient Greece.

There was only four events that time but now running as a sport is getting popular. It includes much more events as compared to past. Running can be divided into two phases that is Stance and Swing.

10 Oldest Sport Games In The World

There is many common events in running such as:


  • 50 meters
  • 55 meters
  • 100 yard dash
  • 150 meters
  • 200 meters straight
  • 440 yard dash


  • 880 yard dash
  • 1,000 meters
  • Mile Run
  • 2,000 meters
  • Two Miles


  • 50 meters Hurdles
  • 55 meters Hurdles
  • 300 meters Hurdles
  • 2,000 meters Hurdles


  • 4 × 800 meters Relay
  • 4 × 1,500 meters Relay
  • Distance medley Relay
  • Sprint medley Relay
  • Swedish Relay
  • Ekiden

Road Event

  • 5 Kilometers road race
  • 5 mile road race
  • 10 mile road race
  • Quarter Marathon
  • 25 Kilometers road race
  • 30 Kilometers road race
  • Ultramarathon

Timed Events

  • One hour run
  • 12 hour run
  • 24 hour run
  • Multi-day run


Javelin Throw

Javelin Throw is one of the oldest sport in the world. It is a track and field event where throwers have to throw a javelin (spear about 2.5 m). It is an event for both men and women. Javelin was a part of the Pentathlon of the two disciplines that is distance and target throw.

On the 1st April 1986, men’s javelin was redesigned by IAAF Technical Committee. They decide to change the rules for javelin design due to increasingly frequent flat landing. In addition, the javelin get redesigned where the centre of gravity was moved 4 cm forward, the surface area in front of centre of gravity was reduced and the area behind the centre of gravity was increased.

10 Oldest Sport Games In The World

Javelin allows the throwers to build speed over a considerable distance. Javelin throwers benefit from the agility as well as athleticism typically associated with running and jumping events. The athletes moreover share physical characteristics with sprinters than with others although they still need the skill of heavier throwing athletes.

Long Jump

Long Jump is a track & field event and one of the oldest sport in the world. It is also known as ‘’ It is a game in which athlete combine Speed, Agility and strength. In this game, the player contest on who leaps the farthest distance from the takeoff point.

The standard area for the long jump includes a 40 meters  runway in length with no outer  limit, the surface of takeoff board with 1 meter from the end of the runway, and a sand-filled landing area at least 2.75 meters  and no more than 3 meters wide.

The techniques used in the flight are tuck, in which the athlete brought his knees up towards his chest, which help the athlete to cover maximum distance. And the hitch kick, which affect the continuation of the run in the air. Some other techniques used in long jump are Sail, Hang and landing techniques.

10 Oldest Sport Games In The World

The long jump has been part of modern Olympic competition from 1896. The format of long jump competition varies, but the competitor will get set of number of attempts to make his longest jump. In most of the competitions the jumper are given three trial jump to make their best effort.


Polo is the game which played together with team on the horseback. It is also one of the oldest sport in the word. In this sport the aim of the player is to score goals against the opponent team. Polo is played in the grass field which is 300 yard long and 160 yard wide.

The match last usually lasts for one or two hours which is divided into periods called ‘Chukkers’. Polo is professional sport in 16 countries and was an Olympic sport from 1900 to 1936. Arena polo includes three players per team which is played with a small air-filled ball, similar to small football.

10 Oldest Sport Games In The World

Polo is one of the most majestic sport played in ancient sports. Polo has found more popularity throughout the America including Brazil, Chile, Mexico and the United States of America. The safety equipments used in polo are ‘Polo helmet with face guard’, ‘Polo mallets’, ‘Ball’ and ‘Kneepads’.

Discus Throw

Discus throw is also an track & field event in which thrower throws a heavy disc called discus in an attempt to cover maximum distance. It is also one of the oldest sport in the world. It was one of the sport of the ancient Greece, which can be dated back at least 708 BC.

Discus throw is a routine of the modern track & field events at all levels and it is a sport which is iconic in the Olympic games. The discus was re-discovered in Magdeburg, Germany by Christian George Kohlrauschand his students in 1870s.

10 Oldest Sport Games In The World

To make a throw, the thrower starts in the circle of 2.5 meter diameter which is recessed on a concrete pad by 20 millimeters. The initial stance taken by the thrower that is opposite to the direction of the throw. Then he spin his body anti-clockwise around one and half times within the circle to build up momentum, then release his throw as far as possible.


This is an oldest game in the world, Boxing is an combat sport which check speed, stamina and strength of a boxer. It was originated in the Greece in 687 BC. Amateur Boxing is both Olympic as well as Commonwealth Games sport. Boxing is supervised by the referee and  the result is also decided by the referee when an opponent is  incapable of continue the match or get disqualified for breaking the rules.

Boxing  updated in 16th and 18th century into prize fights. In Ancient Greece, boxing was a well developed and popular sport. In Olympic, it was first introduced in the 23rd Olympiad in 688 BC. Boxing was a popular spectator sport in Ancient Rome. For the protection of fighters they wrapped leather thongs around their fist.

10 Oldest Sport Games In The World

The Marquess of Queenberry rules have been the general rules of modern boxing. More than three judges are typically present on the ringside to score the bout as well as assign points to the boxers which is based  on punches & elbows that connect, defense, knockdowns, hugging and other measures.


The game gymnastics performed by both men and women although it is an oldest sport in the world. Gymnastics test an individual’s physical strength, agility, flexibility and balance. Gymnastics moreover helps in the development of the arms, legs, back, chest, shoulder and abdominal muscles. Mental ability of an individual can also developed through gymnastics such as  self-confidence, alertness, daring, precision, self-discipline.

Gymnastics developed in Ancient Greece, it is used as a training to prepare men for warfare. Gymnastics was included in the modern Olympics Games in 1896. Earlier gymnastics was practiced in Ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures.

10 Oldest Sport Games In The World

As a part of education, Ancient Greeks trained their students in gymnastics. Friedrich Jahn introduced the horizontal bar, parallel bars, side horse, balance beam, ladder, vaulting horse, pommels, He is also known as the “Father of Gymnastics.”

Horse Riding

Earlier in the UK, horse riding is a type of show, it is an oldest sport. The one who riding horse have the skill of riding, driving, steeplechasing, vaulting with horses. Earlier, horses were trained for practical work such as for police work or for controlling herd animals. After sometime, horses were trained for various competitive sports such as horse riding, polo, vaulting.

10 Oldest Sport Games In The World

Horse Riding has updated and become one of the popular sport throughout the world. In 1900, Horse riding was included in the Olympic Games.


Hockey is a game which is played between two teams, it is also an oldest sport in the world. In this game both the teams try to score goals against each other to make their team win. The word hockey is derived from the French word ‘Hoquet.’

Although there are different types of hockey such as field hockey, ice hockey, bandy. Field hockey as well as Ice hockey predominated in certain areas and simply known as hockey. Field hockey is famous throughout the world among both males and females.

10 Oldest Sport Games In The World

Hockey usually includes various equipments such as helmet, shoulder pads, chest protector, elbow pads, mouth guard, protective gloves, heavily padded, shin pads, neck guard. Goaltender wear masks and much bulkier. Hockey is comparatively more popular throughout the world.


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