Shubham Jaglan, 13 Year Old World Champion

Shubham Jaglan, 13 Year Old World Champion


Shubham Jaglan, young golfer of India. He was born on 16 August 2004, and born in a very simple family.  Shubham Jaglan won his first tournament of Junior World Golf Championship 2015, and he is also a World record holder. He choose  golf as a career because he was very much interested and good in playing golf.

Shubham Jaglan, 13 Year Old World Champion

Shubham Jaglan is a recipient of the “NDTV – Emerging player” and “Margdarshan” awards. He is only 13 year old boy and he already won over 100 domestic as well as International tournaments and has been talked throughout the World. Shubham Jaglan, young golfer who won lots of tournament.

Early Life

Shubham Jaglan was born in a village Israna which is located in Haryana. His father is a milkman and his family practices pehelwani. He studied his primary education at village school and now he studying in the Laxman Public School at Delhi.

His family background was very simple and not very much interested towards Golf. Shubham’s father was afraid when Shubham ask his father to play golf because his father didn’t know much about Golf and Golf is very expensive sport.

Interest Towards Golf

Shubham get interest towards Golf when an NRI named Kapur Singh started a Golf Academy in Israna. Shubham’s grandfather enrolled him into the academy but after sometime the academy got dissolved against the wishes of Jaglan. He started his career at age of 5 years.

Shubham Jaglan, 13 Year Old World Champion

But Shubham didn’t lose his hope and start his hope and start practicing Golf in the small land at his backyard and or in the agricultural field. Shubham’s father supported him very much, the backyard was cleaned by his father and converted into grass field with three holes. He told that he learnt his 60% of Golf from Youtube. He also use steel bowl as a hole for the bowl. Shubham Jaglan, young golfer who can be the best golfer throughout the World.

He was later trained by Delhi Golf Foundation, that Foundation gave him annual scholarship of INR 2.0 lakh and a membership in the Delhi Golf Club which help Shubham’s family to relocate in Delhi and to continue his training.

Tournament Won

  • 2013 World Master of Junior Golf
  • 2015 Junior World Golf Championships
  • 2016 European Junior Championship

Talks by Shubham

Shubham told in IBNLive from the US “My dad has supported me throughout my life and he is here with me this time too. He has encouraged me a lot. He did it (leaving his occupation) because he wants me to become a World class Golfer.”

Shubham also said that “I’m just working hard and being honest, there are no shortcuts for me, ” describing that the victory as a “dream come true.”

LaRonche said that “Shubham Jaglan participating in the third successive year. He finished second last year but he won this time. He is very talented boy, He will go a long way ” he also add that “There are 360 kids participated in the championship from 34 countries. Shubham is the winner but the best thing I liked about Shubham is that he is a better person then a golfer. That’s why he is on the top.”

Shubham Jaglan, 13 Year Old World Champion

LaRonche also said about his father that “I have a lot of respect for him. Despite having financial problems, he supported Shubham in all situations. Nice to see such Support.”

Shubham Jaglan, young golfer who can be the best golfer throughout the World, who made India proud. He can be an inspiration to many young talents. It is not to mention that with his age he’ll rule the whole World and can win the more International Championships.

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